Home Doctor Service

With Melek Evde Bakım, home doctor service is provided to home-bound or home-based patients with professional experience, talent, and the best medical technology.

The mission of the home care doctor is to improve the quality of life of homebound or home-based patients and caregivers. Our doctors have become professionals, providing the most modern medical developments, specifically for home care patients. The diagnosis and treatment process is applied in the most up-to-date, efficient, modern, and comprehensive way at your home. Home doctor service prevents hospital admissions, emergency department applications, ambulance transfers, and allows patients to stay at home if their health conditions are not serious. It enables our patients to regain their health in the safety, warmth, and comfort of their homes.

Home Care Doctor

By coming to your home, our home care doctor provides your diagnosis and treatment. After the examination, our home care doctor examines your state of health in detail. The doctor identifies your medical priorities and needs.

With the established plan, the doctor provides logical solutions that will improve the quality of your life day by day. Our home care doctor can also make instant visits depending on your request. Also, it constantly monitors your health and chronic diseases with frequent doctor visits whenever you need. It improves your quality of life by early diagnosis of your diseases and possible risks and taking the necessary measures with the understanding of preventive medicine.