Our company is at your service with a new understanding for all age groups. With its 24/7 trained and dynamic staff in the Private Health Sector, our ambulances are fully equipped with modern medical devices and our experienced medical team.

Correct and timely emergency first aid saves lives. The smallest delay can cause nonrecoverable negative consequences.

It is a humanitarian duty and the principle of Melek Evde Bakım Health Services to make the necessary emergency response first and without preconditions.

We provide you uninterrupted health services with our professional team, effective and safe service quality, by keeping patient health and satisfaction in the foreground against all kinds of possible emergency health problems that endanger human health.

With the sign of Melek Evde Bakım, health and consultancy services, everyone who receives service feels good and safe, and benefits from health services in the most effective, fast, and reliable way.

That is what our respect for the people requires.

We care about your health; your life is valuable to us.