Components of a quality emergency health service;

It consists of the criteria of Accessibility, Widespread Service Network, Human Resources, Education, Institutional Culture, Technological Infrastructure, Accessibility to the Patient, Equipment, and Quality.

The acceptability and standard of service in the health sector is as important as the quality of the consumables and diagnosis / treatment tools used.

Compliance of the service unit with certain standards is not sufficient on its own. A mechanism should be established to evaluate the service delivery process and the outputs obtained. Although quality was a neglected issue until recently, today it has started to attract more attention by both service providers and financial resource providers.


Our Land Ambulance Service

We provide First Aid and Emergency Care services in the fastest and safest way in case of a possible illness and injury with our Emergency Aid Ambulances, as well as transferring patients between hospitals or discharged from the hospital to their homes with our Patient Transport Ambulances.


Our First Aid Training Service

Permanent disability resulting from illness or injury

The most important cause of death or death is the absence of first aiders who can do the right and immediate response at the scene. Timely intervention by people who have received first aid training will be life-saving. Today, when the importance of people who know first aid with our expert staff and equipment is understood, our goal is to provide world-class quality, valid and continuous first aid. As Melek Home Care Services, we invite you to first aid training, which is also a part of our social responsibility.


Our Health Service in the Organization

We take part in organizations with our Ambulance and experienced health personnel in order to help institutions and organizations that want to take health measures in organizations to be in a healthy and reliable environment and to meet their demands and needs. Series and Advertising Shootings, Concerts, Sports Activities, Tournaments, Competitions, Seminars and Symposiums, Parties We provide Ambulance, Infirmary and Health services in Local and International organizations such as Special Invitations, Fairs.


Our Home Patient Care Service

Today, due to chronic diseases or in cases that require home treatment and care after surgery, Home Care and Health Services are the health services that emerge as a result of the professional work of the team.

Health at Home
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Medical Examination

Babysitting Service

Medical Consulting