Health Service in the Organization

Our Health Service in the Organizations

In order for the institutions and organizations that want to take health measures in organizations to be in a healthy and reliable environment and to meet their demands and needs, we work in organizations with our ambulance and experienced medical personnel staff to help.

We provide Ambulance, Infirmary and Health Services to Local, and international organizations such as TV Series and Advertising Filming, Concerts, Sports Activities, Tournaments, Competitions, Seminars, and Symposiums, Parties and Special Invitations, Fairs.

We provide ambulance, infirmary, and health services in local and international organizations. These are:

Tv series and advertising shoots, concerts, sports activities, tournaments, competitions, seminars and symposiums, parties and special invitations, fairs.

Our Infirmary Service

We provide infirmary installation service professionally by having doctors, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, nurses, which are needed by our organizations that have an infirmary in factories, sites, shopping centers, construction sector, construction sites, and companies.

Health Measures and Emergency Health Service in Collective Housing

The probability of an emergency is very high in environments where there are lots of people.

In the research we have done in health to fulfill our social responsibility, we have noticed that there are casualties in the collective housing where people live together because of not being able to arrive on time in case of an emergency.

We know how important any emergency is by means of duration. To eliminate this situation, we have determined that this can be prevented, and we are honored to present our project to society.

If desired, we eliminate the emergency parameters consisting of 32 items determined by the World Health Organization in Public Housing to deploy an ambulance with a medical team 24/7 to prevent time loss.

  1. Drowning
  2. Traffic Accident
  3. Terror, Sabotage, Shooting, Stabbing, Fighting, etc.
  4. Suicide Attempt
  5. Rape
  6. Falling from a height
  7. Serious Industrial Accidents, Amputation
  8. Electric Shock
  9. Frostbite, Cold Stroke
  10. Heat Stroke
  11. Severe Burns
  12. Serious Eye Injuries
  13. Poisonings
  14. Severe Allergies, Anaphylactic Tables: Severe allergies or blood pressure drops that can lead to the disruption in the heart rhythm, blockage of the respiratory tract.
  15. Spine and lower extremity fractures: Leg fractures and any spinal fractures that cause major external or internal bleeding.
  16. Decompression (diver) disease: It is the situation that is known as “be crippled by the bends” among the people.
  17. MI, Arrhythmia, Hypertension Crises: A heart attack that is in progress, types of heart rhythm disorders that require emergency treatment, cerebral hemorrhage of blood pressure, etc. An increase in these leads to serious situations.
  18. Asthma Attack, Acute Respiratory Problems
  19. All Kinds of Conditions Causing Loss of Consciousness
  20. Sudden Paralysis
  21. Severe General Condition Disorder: A person’s health might be in danger for reasons such as old age, nutritional deficiency, inadequate care, long-term severe illness, etc.
  22. High Fever: An increase in body temperature (average is 39.5 °C and above) which might cause convulsions or heart rhythm disorders for reasons such as poisoning, infectious diseases, heatstroke, etc.
  23. Diabetic and Uremic Bleeding: Conditions that can start from the blurring of consciousness caused by diabetes (diabetes) and dividing insufficiency and go up to complete loss of consciousness (coma).
  24. Dialysis Disease Accompanied by General Condition Disorder
  25. Acute Abdomen: Emergency situations such as perforation, inflammation, obstruction, or knotting of hollow organs such as stomach, intestines, etc.
  26. Acute Massive Hemorrhages: Life-threatening internal or external bleeding, usually as a result of trauma.
  27. Meningitis, Encephalitis, Brain Abscess: Inflammatory and infective diseases related to the brain and the membrane surrounding the brain, which might affect the neural system functions and therefore vital functions.
  28. Renal Colic: Severe pain caused by kidney stones that can cause urinary tract or kidney damage if progresses.
  29. Acute Psychotic Statements: Neurological or psychological disorders that cause excessive aggression.
  30. Migraine and/or Vomiting, Headaches with Loss of Consciousness
  31. Newborn Comas
  32. Beginning Birth Activity (Emptying of the Amniotic Sac)

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