Physiotherapy at Home

With our experienced physiotherapist staff, we provide specialized treatment techniques such as manual therapy, osteopathy, and dry needling. Melek Evde Bakım continues to serve with effective and fast treatments in backache, fibromyalgia, hernia of the loins, cervical disc hernia, and all other musculoskeletal system diseases.

Melek Evde Bakım also provides services with the specialist physiotherapist staff to the patients who need physiotherapy at home.

How the Physiotherapy is Performed at Home?

With our physiotherapy specialist staff who are experienced in their branches, we offer physiotherapy at the patients’ own homes. The rehabilitation process is designated by our physiotherapists. In addition to exercises and manual therapy techniques, electrical stimulations are also used.



Advantages of Physiotherapy at Home

  • The patient feels more comfortable and safer at home.
  • In home physiotherapy, as the physical therapist can take care of the patient one-to-one, they can allocate more time to the patient and the treatment can be better.
  • Instead of waiting for the appointment time in hospitals for long, it is easier and faster to proceed with the sessions at home.
  • As commuting to the hospital is a big challenge for the patients who are seriously ill, it is more effective for the patients and their families to get physiotherapy at home.

Which Patients Can Have Home Physiotherapy at Home?

  • MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
  • It can be applied to geriatric patients with weakened muscles
  • Paralyzed patients
  • Hip fracture
  • Hip – knee prostheses
  • Patients who lost their ability to walk and orthopedic diseases such as anterior cruciate ligament surgeries
  • Neurological diseases such as Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Parkinson’s

Devices Used in Physiotherapy at Home

Physiotherapists who come to your home might use many physiotherapy devices depending on the patient. These devices are:

TENS devices, pain tapes, resistance bands, muscle strengthening devices, walking aids such as canes, wrist weights, tripods, and walkers.

Physiotherapy at Home Moves

Unlike the moves that your physiotherapist applies to the patient at home, the patient and the patient’s relatives should do the physiotherapy moves at home that your physiotherapist teaches in accordance with the frequency recommended. Consequently, the effectiveness of the sessions increases, and the healing process accelerates.